Data analytics project: Fixed Asset Schedule, Hula Hut Burger

Overview of this project

This project uses fixed asset information from anonymized and modified data for a tax client from a public accounting firm. The data set includes 1,500 fixed asset records. In this project, the student will use Excel to create a variety of pivot tables, format the pivot tables, apply filters, create calculated fields, use the slicer and timeline tool. In addition, students will be asked to analyze the data for errors. The students will prepare several different fixed asset schedules and also a pivot chart (column type) that depicts book value by asset category and region.

Project resources

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a pivot table in Excel
  2. Format a pivot table
  3. Apply filters to a pivot table
  4. Create sum columns in a pivot table
  5. Create a calculated field
  6. Use the slicer tool in a pivot table
  7. Analyze data for errors
  8. Use the timeline tool in a pivot table
  9. Create a pivot chart in Excel

Office 365 or Excel 2016 (newest version)

Anyone doing this project will need to have either Office 365 or Excel 2016. It is important that students update their version of Office 365 and/or Excel 2016.


If you would like to have a copy of the Excel solution file, please fill out the request form. (There is a separate request form for each project.) Once I verify your status as an instructor, I will email the file to you within a week. Please do not post the solution file on the internet and please do not share the solutions files with your students. The Excel solutions file is for you own use only.

Other Projects

I am working on this project in conjunction with my colleague, Dr. Wendy Tietz. You can find additional data analytics projects for introductory financial and introductory managerial accounting on her website, I will be developing additional projects in the coming months. Stay posted to the blog!

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